Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Raphael v G and Martin B move First life...

Raphael and Martin moved First Life Emerging from the Sea

to the Galerie der Künstler,42 Maximilian str,Munich.

There is a member's exhibition there from4.12 until2.01 2011

Opening 2.12 18-21 hrs. (do come!)

Open Wed -Sun 11-18

Thurs 11-20

Mon Tues and Public holidays closed Phone 089 220463
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Friday, 8 October 2010

Just cast bronzes waiting to be chased.

Carolin,Judith and Moritz's bronzes,

with extra bronze parts cut off,

waiting to be chased.

We will work at it,today,

Saturday 9thOctober, in the foundry.
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Bronze pilot project

Tina's dog in its mould,glowing hot

The next phase,with the mould and extra bits of bronze sawed off

waiting for the final chasing and patinating.
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Friday, 9 July 2010

Kunst im Garten

Kunst im Garten

This will happen on Sunday 26th July ,while I am still in Husum.

6 friends will take it in turn to be in my flat so that visitors can see the little

exhibition..my garden is the terrace in front and the entrance..
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Carolin in the foundry

Grandaughter Carolin visited me,she went to

Herbich's foundry and made a rabbit, which we

will cast in the autumn .

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Making boys and a bike nr.3

Claus Seemeier helping me to make boys on a bike number 3.

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Boys on a big bike,3

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