Sunday, 23 August 2009

Where have they been put?Who has them?

This painting of Prime Brass musicians was bought from an auction by Jasper,

When he sings or plays the piano, there it is.

Where sheep may safely graze is above Alice and

Ian's stairs.

These sheep were under a tree near Linton one

hot summer.
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Saturday, 22 August 2009

andy,lisa, and oskar

This a sculpture of my first

neighbours in Cottenham, glazed


I have now made it in bronze, too
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Monday, 17 August 2009

Gormley exhibition with Martin and Terri

Martin and Terri exploring the Gormley exhibition
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Bregenz with Martin and Terri words enough for the spectacle..but it was also fun and Aida had a great voice..

A walk to Lindau and a Schostakovich fifties socially critical and brilliantly costumed, choreographed and sung by Opera North, what a bonus!

An Anthony Gormley exhibition , a walk on the hill tops and sitting on the giant bean bags..just looking.

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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Quartet and Listener

Drawing at a good concert is an enormous pleasure for me.
These figures are the fruits of many Britten Sinfonia and Endellion Quartet Concerts.When I made the figures in wax in February at Caroline and Adam Raphael's home at Prawle Point,I was grateful for the Aga which kept my fingers warm .
The Listener I drew at a concert in St John's College Chapel.
I have sold the listener and single violinists twice and the whole quartet once. I have always made them black.

from € 250 each
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Violinist:portrait of Paul Robertson

I had drawn Paul at a music conference in Cambridge and asked him to sit for me.I spent a wonderful day drawing and taking photographs while he played Bach and idea of heaven.
Ian Fletcher made the armature for me and worked out what size to make the paper violin..
I worked in clay and paper ,the cast was mounted with a steel rod and a stone base.I drove it to his inaugural lecture as professor of medicine in Truro,where it sat in front of him.
Paul has the only copy at his home.
(his website,
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Holy Family

This ordinary but very special family work in Herbich's foundry.They were sitting like this in the cantine and I said Keep still! fetched paper and drew them.
I thought about it, made a small ceramic group (which Clemens and Julia have) and then after a year, with Derk Bodack's help made a polystyrene and wax group which was cast in bronze in Gernlinden.
It too, had a number of adventures including losing all the heads..but Franz Herbich and Astrid drove it to Ely with me and with help we installed it in the Lady Chapel before the 7am service.It was there over Christmas and looked wonderful.It too, spent a year in Alastair Hull's Haddenham gallery sculpture garden and is now in front of my front door.

Price from €15000
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First Life Emerging from the Sea

A piece of soapstone became the first of this series of sculptures.A form was carved from the stone without my having reflected about what shape it should have, it emerged.
I have cast 3 and sold 2, mounted in different ways. I decided to make a larger version (one cast and sold) and then a very large version. So that it could be seen that I could enlarge my small pieces.It has been in Alastair Hull's Haddenham Gallery sculpture garden for a year and is now on my terrace in Gröbenzell.
I was delighted when it was exhibited in Ely Cathedral, somewhere where I have often worshipped and whose hidden corners (the prior's doorway and the tiles in Prior Crauden's chapel)are very special.

Prices from €600
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Birdwatcher Dreaming

She developed from the Bronze Lady.
I wanted to make a garden sculpture that was fun and something for the birds.
3 were cast in the Philipine Herbich foundry, one in Gernlinden.2 are left and gracing my terrace and front entrance.The cat knows that they are for her..

Price from € 3000
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Bronze/ Glass lady

The Glass lady came from a weekend project with a friend who new how to melt milk bottles..sadly never to be repeated.A glass factory offered to make me100 but what on earth would I do with 100 glass ladies.So we developed an acrylic lady which is at least translucent.The bronze lady was the second step and I like to see them together, the one so solid the other refracting the light and weightless.

Price bronze from € 400
translucent € 100
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Letting Go

This was supposed to be a larger version of Maggie Learning to Walk. But the child tore it self free and having just lost custody of the children, I accepted the point and called it Letting Go. I have cast 2 and have sold them both. They too are quite different from each other.

Price from €3000
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Maggie Learning to Walk

It took 24 years to find the inner space to make this figure. I was badly missing the children.
I modelled it directly in wax, in summer, took it to the foundry and put it in the fridge. When I returned it had been cast..but not a single foot touched the ground..I like to think that a thirsty founder had reached for a beer and instead grabbed the little figure. Instead of asking me to repair it, someone cast it..It took 17 cuts and re welds to more or less fix it (Maggie going uphill which George Ellis has) and I made a new mould and the figure as I had wanted it appeared.
This is my most popular sculpture,I have cast and sold 9. As always, each is very different..The last one has the mother with Maggie's hairstyle..she is now the mother..Maggie and Laila

Price from € 600
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Some of Sue's bronzes

African Mother
This was the very first, made in a wooden hut with the help of my professor (Lippy Lipschitz).That I was carving wood at that time is clearly visible.
All my admiration for the integrity and beauty of my nanny as a child,is seen in this remembered portrait.
Over the years I have made 10 casts, each very different, all varying in colour, surface treatment and base.

Price from E 600
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Tuesday, 11 August 2009


The preparations for the celebration were
extensive! The guests came and of course,
Louisa wore her new school satchel.
There were lots of games and a puppet play
written by Carolin (stage set by Sue) and
the other children acted or were audience..
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The preparations for the celebration were extensive! The guests came and of course,
Louisa wore her new school satchel.
There were lots of games and a puppet play written by carolin (stage set by Sue) and
the other children acted or were audience..

Louisa's first school day

In Dresden the first school day is really BIG, lots of people come and the children receive enormous Tuten , full of useful things for school and sweets..Here she is with the one Carolin and Ute made ..very complex with lots of horses..
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Saturday, 1 August 2009

In Cambridge Franc heroically cleared her little house so that I could exhibit in two rooms.
The economic situation was certainly a factor..and all the work was appreciated by my visitors, but I just covered my costs, so will not be repeating things. Caroline came from London, Margié from Bedford..
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Wedding sculpture

Nancy Checchia asked me to make a sculpture from a photo for her sister's wedding. I made two, took them to Cottenham for her to choose and she chose the brown one.
She was pleased.
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Days in Huesca

I spent five marvellous days with William's family in Huesca, northern Spain, drawing his marriage to Cristina. The day after (having got up at five to finish the work and put them in an album) they opened the presents with us all watching. You can see what a great occaision it was.
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These sculptures have a space!

The sculptures which were in Alastair Hull's Haddenham sculpture garden for a year are now in the garden and terrace of the Gröbenzell flat.
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